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International Shipping Policy fees are the responsibility of the BUYER and are controlled by the buyers country customs. If you make a purchase you are agreeing to these terms. International items can take up to 6 weeks for shipping time. Once a package leaves my hands I have NO control over the time frame and cannot be help responsible.
„„... is also NOT responsible for confirming the delivery of domestic or international packages. As long as tracking shows that the package has left OUR hands, we have no further responsibility. We will NOT replace packages that are claimed to not be received by the customer because there is no way to confirm tracking internationally and it puts us in danger of being scammed. Once we do our part with creating your product and shipping it out via our postal service, our part is complete. International shipping can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks and we have NO control over that. We will not refund due to slow shipping on the part of the postal service.