Dendritic Agate Palmstone

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This beautiful Dendritic Agate Palmstone has a druzy little pocket of Quartz on the side with beautiful patterning.  Dendritic Agate is commonly referred to as the Stone of Plentitude. It will attract and bring abundance, richness, and fullness to all areas of your life. This will ensure that when you work hard, you will also reap the rewards. 

The energies of this stone will work to align all your chakras so that you will achieve piece. When you are rooted in a state of peace and calm, you can set your spirit to grow and blossom. With the power of determination that Dendritic Agates provide, you will become more inspired to keep creating an abundance of happiness, growth, and success in all aspects of your life.

Approx: 2.76Hx1.44"W