Sm Sphalerite Sphere

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Small Sphalerite Sphere with Gorgeous Druzy Pockets aka Indonesian Zebra Jasper. Sphalerite is here to ground all your thoughts, desires, and ideas, and help one on the path to them. You are the creator of your own universe, and Sphalerite is here to remind you that every action you take affects your journey and future. Sphalerite can also be a very powerful protection stone when one is looking for a metaphysical shield.

Sphalerite  is a mineral and ore of zinc. When the iron content is high, sphalerite is an opaque black variety called marmatite. It was discovered in 1847 by Ernst Friedrich Glocker, who named it based on the Greek word "sphaleros" meaning deceiving due to sphalerite being hard to identify. Sphalerite is found in association with galena, chalcopyrite, pyrite, calcite, dolomite, quartz, rhodochrosite and fluorite. Miners have been known to refer to sphalerite as zinc blende, black-jack and ruby blende. Sphalerite is found in a variety of deposit types,